ARRI Skypanel S30-C

Specification: Power Nominal:    200 W  Maximum: 220 W  Light Aperture 355 x 300 mm / (14 x 11.8 inches) Beam Angle 115º (Half Peak Angle) White Light 2,800K - 10,000K Continuously Variable Correlated Color Temperature                                                                                  Colored Light Full RBG+W Color Gamut with Hue and Saturation Control CRI Average > 95  TLCI Average > 91 Green-Magenta Adjustment Continuously Adjustable (Full Minusgreen to Full Plusgreen) Dimming 0 - 100% Continuous Control On-Board Controller, 5-Pin DMX In and Through, EtherCon LAN Network Connectivity, USB-A Protection Class IP 20 More detail  ..


ARRI Skypanel S60-C

Specification:PowerNominal:    420 W Maximum: 450 W Light Aperture645 x 300 mm / (25.4 x 11.8 inches)Beam Angle115º (Half Peak Angle)White Light2,800K - 10,000K Continuously Variable Correlated Color Temperature                                                                                 Colored LightFull RBG+W Color Gamut with Hue and Saturation ControlCRIAverage > 95 TLCIAverage > 91Green-Magenta AdjustmentContinuously Adjustable (Full Minusgreen to Full Plusgreen)Dimming0 - 100% ContinuousControlOn-Board Controller, 5-Pin DMX In and Through, EtherCon LAN Network Connectivity, USB-AProtection ClassIP 20More detail ..


Cooke S5/i 18mm T1.4

T Stop Range : T1.4 -T22Close Focus from Lens Front : 125 mm (5")Minimum Marked Object Distance : 350 mm (14")Maximum Front Diameter : 110 mm (4.33")Length : 175 mm (6.89")..


Flowcine Black Arm

Features:The Black arm is adjusted to work for gimbals and cameras with weight range between 5-32kg.The system is fully adjustable for the best possible damping and lifting capacity. Available Options:Vibration mount #03 [Range 14-19 kg payload]Vibration mount #05 [Range 26-34 kg payload]..


Small HD 702 Bright Full HD Field Monitor

DisplayPanel TypeLCDSize Diagonal7Resolution1920 x 1080Pixel Density (PPI)323Aspect Ratio16:10 NativeActive Area7.0 inBrightness1000 cd/m2Contrast1000:1Color Gamut85% NTSC (100% Rec 709)Color Depth24 Bit (8bpc)Viewing AngleFull 179 DegreesBacklight TypeLEDAdjustable BacklightYesTemperature Adaptive ColorYesMore Detail..


TRANSVIDEO Titan HD2 Wireless Video Transmitter

TitanHD2 TxWireless video connectivity without latencyRange: 200 metersStarliteRF5” OLED wireless monitorResolution  1280 x 720Frequency 5.8Ghz ISM band..


Tiffen Multi Rota Tray

Size: Square 4”x5.65It can be used as:1. Only a Rotating Circular Polarizer;2. A Variable Neutral Density (VND);3. A Warm/Cool FX..



The Single Axis Unit SXU-1 is a simple, single-channel hand unit.It can be set up to control focus, iris or zoom...


Fomex Flexible LED 1x1 Light Kit FL-600

Power60WDimming0-100%Color Temperature3200K-5600KCRI95-98 TLCI3200K: 975600K: 98Lux @1m:3200K: 1900lx5600K: 2100lxIP ClassIP64Dimension30cmx30cmWeight387g                                   ..


LED Bi-Color Edge Light 18"

Specification:Illumination Panel Dimension:16.34 inch diameter (41.5 cm)Color Temperature:3200-5600KCRI> 90Light IntensityAt 3200 K: 780 lux @ 3.28' (1.0 m)At 5600 K: 865 lux @ 3.28' (1.0 m)Dimming10-100%..